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Chloe: Haidar Karoum’s Winding Culinary Adventure in Navy Yard

  In 2018, Forbes published an article dubbing Navy Yard as “one of the coolest neighborhoods around the world.”   And though the National Park garners the majority of the fanfare, as a resident food enthusiast, I believe Chloe lends itself handsomely to this narrative.   Chloe joins a diverse and exciting concoction of restaurants […]

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Does Quantity Outdo Quality At Ambar D.C.?

  Ambar Capitol Hill has something going in D.C.   Have you been?   A quick search on Google, and you’ll see Ambar isn’t holding the #1 spot among D.C. critics –though, Tom Siesta adores the Clarendon location.   It is, however, applauded amongst tourist and locals.   Washingtonian championed  Ambar as #1 on Trip Advisor. […]

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These Highly-Rated Cookbooks Answer Every Cooking Question You Have

  For most becoming a half-decent cook is like becoming a superhero without a superpower; you feel you’re missing some God-given gift. We’ve all watched the shows, Master Chef and the like. Home cooks without prior formal training execute dishes worthy of praise from globally-recognized, renowned chefs and restaurateurs like Gordon Ramsay and Joe Bastiniach. You […]

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Are you tired of promising to live a more adventurous foodie life in the new year but keep eating the same stuff, at the same restaurants every year? Does that line read like an infomercial? Read this entire post, if you answered “Yes” and save this post to read later if you answered “No.” Either […]

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