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I Finally Figured Out Why I Overeat

If you ask James, he’d say I never actually tasted the food I ate. He’d say food forcefully tumbled into my stomach through a strong suction of air like the eating mannerism of Patrick Starr from Spongebob Squarepants. “You know, you’re stomach wouldn’t hurt if you stopped overeating.” I threw a slight eye roll; I […]

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A Handful of Yelpers Make a Case for The Most Expensive Meal They’ve Eaten

While some people, myself included, are throwing pennies into a wishing well dreaming of dining at luxurious — maybe even Michelin-starred– restaurants, others have relished in the unparalleled experience of unblemished service, unimaginable flavor combinations, and the superior quality and craft of masterful chefs with the asking of an average American’s monthly grocery budget as […]

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What Are We Doing Here?

Hello stranger-turned-new-subscriber, You’re probably curious about what the “F”  stands for,  hence cluing to the meaning of this website. Let’s just say I’ve struggled to define this space exclusive of simply stating “I love food, read more!”. Everyone loves food, and loves to indulge in eating good food. Some are a little bit more obsessed, a bit more […]

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