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Will The Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich Craze Continue + What’s Next?

November 16, 2019

When Popeye’s released their limited-time-only chicken sandwich on August 12th, social media sparked an all-out war against Chickfila’s classic chicken sandwich.  Numerous video posts flooded Instagram’s and Twitter’s of eaters judging and comparing, and yapping about Popeye’s new menu addition.  This momentum turned into a violent whirlwind of curious spectators running to their local Popeye’s […]

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The DC Jew-ish Deli on Georgia Ave That Has it All, Plus a “Drake Wall”

November 5, 2019

At first, I thought Call Your Mother was just doing to bagels what super-bomb food truck Swizzler has been doing to hot dogs: dressing them up with locally-sourced ingredients, premium stuffings, and charismatic names.  And before then, I thought it was a spinoff from Mother’s in Portland. But behind the curtain, there’s more to discover what makes this wood-fired […]

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There’s One Word to Describe Table 87’s Freezer Jumbo Slice…

October 23, 2019

One could say I’m on a bit of a pizza exploration, specifically for NY-style pizza with Table 87– my absolute favorite style of pizza. You’ve probably already read the review about Roberta’s and thought maybe I’ve had enough of freezer pizza. But I haven’t. Because on days where I’m as lazy as a college student […]

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St. Anselm: The D.C. “Tavern” You Want to Get to Know

October 17, 2019

St. Anselm has the decor of a home that might creek and sway during a thunderstorm, but the restaurant is brand-spanking new and making the right kind of noise in D.C.  Washington Post’s Tom Sietsema describes the interior as “made to look as if a generation or two of diners had already been frequenting the […]

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Breaking News: The Best Biscuit in D.C. Comes With Pimento Cheese

October 15, 2019

Disclaimer: The word “biscuit” is repeated about one million times in this article.   Brooklyn-homegrown, St. Anslem is making a name for itself in D.C. as a “different kind of steakhouse” on the same street as culture-merger Union Market. For dinner, there’s been roaring about their Ax-handle Ribeye and other approachable steak cuts.  But, you know […]

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“Eating Everything _______ “, Brightening Your Home Culinary Experience

June 15, 2019

” Eating Everything _______” is a bold new series centered around exploring food culture, through cooking and education. Cooking the same foods at home is soooo passe.   Growing up, I always ate the same food; every grocery store trip yielded the same results. On Sundays after church, we’d unload plastic-covered paper bags filled with […]

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