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For Food That Looks Fancy AF Put A Mandoline to Work

I never thought about buying a mandoline. Until I ran across a recipe for zucchini lasagna. The recipe called for thin ribbons of zucchini, broiled and then nestled between a ricotta cheese mixture, completed with layers of fresh mozzarella. I scanned the directions. The test: ” Cut the zucchini lengthwise, 1/8 inch thick,” it read. […]

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I Finally Figured Out Why I Overeat

If you ask James, he’d say I never actually tasted the food I ate. He’d say food forcefully tumbled into my stomach through a strong suction of air like the eating mannerisms of Patrick Starr from Spongebob. “You know, you’re stomach wouldn’t hurt if you stopped overeating.” I threw an eye roll; I figured this […]

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