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What Are We Doing Here?

Hello stranger-turned-new-subscriber,

You’re probably curious about what the “F”  stands for,  hence cluing to the meaning of this website.

Let’s just say I’ve struggled to define this space exclusive of simply stating “I love food, read more!”.

Everyone loves food, and loves to indulge in eating good food.

Some are a little bit more obsessed, a bit more waiting-in-the-bushes spanning  beyond going through the daily motions of buying and consuming food out of necessity.

This relationship is one of intense infatuation. The obsession of food, its culture and the learning revolution mixed in– through blogs, books, magazines, apps and other media– is unique to a particular bunch, maybe one you can resonate with.

And if you can, you’re in the right place for everything you want to read and maybe some quirky, delectable reads you didn’t know you needed.

Truth moment: You need this.

See you in the comments section!

Asiah G.

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