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So What Are We Doing Here?

November 3, 2017

I’ve been really struggling to define this space exclusive of simply stating “I love food, read more!”.

Everybody loves food, everyone wants to eat good food.
Though my love is a bit obsessive, a bit more waiting-in-the-bushes and spans far beyond the act of basking in the glory of a palatable meal.. I’m not an addict, nor do I cook professionally; though I do enjoy cooking.

I eat food, yes, like any human being, but the intense infatuation I have with the food culture and the learning revolution that comes with it– through blogs, books, magazines, apps and other media– is unique to a particular bunch, maybe one you can resonate with.

As much as I love the culture, above all, I crave the experience of good food. Gathering with friends or family, enjoying a great dish with shared enjoyment is ingrained in my upbringing. Needless to say, a good time and good food; that’s sorta my thing. Can one even exist without the other?

All I can tell you is this blog will blossom into so many things and IS so many things in the present. I can’t quite give a perfect definition but I want to speak to the experiences we¬† have with food (good or bad) and things foodies care about. However, what I excel in is writing reviews, and telling stories.. This space is organic and natural–like the food I enjoy most — with a playful, personable approach to an ever-evolving food culture.

So if you’re down, put your fork where your mouth is and dig in!

See you in the comments section.

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