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The 2nd Annual Jollof Festival Is Coming to D.C. (& a Few Other Places)

So I heard through a little birdie, The Jollof Festival is coming to D.C.’s Union Market on July 7th, and as the name implies: buying a ticket will grant you access to a whole lot of Jollof; well, a serving at least.


To keep the jollof stewing, I also heard there will be local DJ’s, arts & crafts (for sale, I hope) and a cultural performance (or performances); it’s practically a day party — a family/friends affair!


If you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t even know what that is”, don’t worry I didn’t either and this will be my first time trying Jollof.


Just a quick fill-in: Jollof is a gloriously-seasoned, super-packed rice dish originating in West African countries.

Or a described by my African coworker,  rice dumped in a stew.

It’s worth your patronage if you’re on the east coast and my friends… just look at it:



Tickets are on sale now.

Don’t refrain your salivation, but have you ever? You have 10 days to make your choice if you live anywhere near the D.C. area .. if not keep your eyes peeled for future dates in NYC and L.A.


For tickets use this link, and for more information on future dates, recaps and plenty pictures of Jollof check out the Jollof Festival on IG and on their website.


Asiah G.

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