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For Food That Looks Fancy AF Put A Mandoline to Work

I never thought about buying a mandoline.

Until I ran across a recipe for zucchini lasagna.

The recipe called for thin ribbons of zucchini, broiled and then nestled between a ricotta cheese mixture, completed with layers of fresh mozzarella.

I scanned the directions.

The test: ” Cut the zucchini lengthwise, 1/8 inch thick,” it read.

“This should be easy,” I said.

& yes, a cutting board splattered with strips of misfit zucchini laid out in front of me as if they’d been shot down alongside their comrades in battle was easy.

Too easy.

But holding a steady hand enough to cut perfectly even slices like the work of professional chefs was a crapshoot.

Think of it like competing for a track meet having never trained, or studying for a final the night before (we’ve all been there).

The presentation was.. horrible, and I finally understood I should’ve made friends with a mandoline along time ago

EVEN professional chefs use it, not just amateurs.

I learned this through a tip from Chef Steps for julienned veggies: use a mandoline first for even thickness, then slice thinly across lengthwise.

It’s not a space-wasting tool after all.

Think of a mandoline of more like getting ahead now, and catching up later.

To get you started here’s proof and a few recipes you can start making to impress your homies at the dinner table.



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Asiah G.

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