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Healthy-ish Swizzler Foods is Soon-to-Become Navy Yard’s Perfect Puzzle Piece

October 16, 2020

Ever since Swizzler indefinitely wheedled their way on to my favorites list at Emporiyum, name-dropping them in a conversation about some of the best fast-casual food in the D.C. metro area comes without hesitation. Reflecting on my first encounter, I’m disappointed I haven’t mentioned them in this space sooner. The word “iconic” comes to mind. […]

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A Healthy-ish, Buttery Popcorn That Taste Just Like the Movies

October 8, 2020

Disclaimer: No affiliates links are included in this article. One of the things I miss dearly since the Coronavirus is the spectacle my boyfriend and I would make of going to the movies. Other couples dressed up for low-lit dinners, we dressed up for mid-morning movie dates filled with buttery, over-salted popcorn, and $10 mozzarella […]

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My New Obsession ft. Soy Candles and One-Pot Meals

September 17, 2020

Hello world, the world that has flipped and tumbled and flipped again in just a few month’s time. Even living under a rock couldn’t keep you from being “in the know“. First, the impending and then the lasting doom of the coronavirus. The senseless killing of George Floyd and countless that look like him killed […]

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Sweets: Where You Can Order Unique V-Day Desserts and Get Them Valentine’s Day-ish

February 12, 2020

You set your Valentine’s day dinner plans in motion. You’re staying in, not granting any steakhouse or ultra-expensive sushi bar your patronage. Three days out, you zigzagged through Whole Foods, tumbling and tossing everything you needed for an absolutely perfect rendition of buttery garlic scallops and aromatic mushroom risotto, a perfect choice. But you forgot […]

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13 Killer Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas Better than Steak & Potatoes

February 4, 2020

When we think of Romantic Valentine’s day dinner, often steak —  plump filets, juicy, marbled ribeyes, and NY strips— and a bed of creamy potatoes are one of the first dinner ideas that come to mind.  But what if your date is vegetarian or doesn’t like beef at all?   We’ve thought about you and created a […]

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