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5 Happiness-Inspired Approaches to Leverage A Drab Rainy Day (Yes, Food Is Involved)

March 2, 2018

Most people dread rainy days. Think dark clouds, large puddles of water, and so much downpour  you could fill 373 bathtubs; not pleasant. The sun takes a vacation and plans change. Suddenly you’re left in the house with a world of opportunity, and you know what, I think you should clock out of the world and take a day to yourself.

Keep scrolling if you think so too!



Cook The Meal You Deserve

I’m using a definite article “the” for a reason. All the food blogs, magazines, and cookbooks you own deserve some respect. Bon Appetit doesn’t have a perfect curation of recipes just for you to add to your collection. More importantly, your body deserves a good meal.

You’ve been eating terrible all week; eating junk food to avoid being hangry after work, avoiding the grocery store because you hate people or just not eating enough of anything.

Now is the time to have a romantic evening with yourself. Show yourself how much you deserve the best with the ultimate expression of love: a savory meal. Need some ideas?

Step 1: Pick the best cookbook you own!

Step 2: Use a number generator to guess a number within the range of the pages in your book.

Step 3. Whatever the number falls on, is the page you will find your recipe. And the page you turn to is the recipe you are cooking for the day.

Neat right!? Don’t you love surprises?


Slip on the most comfortable sweats you own, a pair of slippers and a shirt you can live without and cook something yummy. I’m not talking about just warming up the pizza from last night but a genuinely drool-worthy meal; something you can’t wait to devour. Get messy with it!
Now is the time for you to grow some cajones. Cook something time-consuming, with diverse flavors so you can taste the hard work and relish in the carefree nature of enjoying a great meal with the added pleasure of having something home-cooked.


A Session of  Sweet Sweat

You’re a little bloated after eating all of the delicious food you slaved over the stove for, huh? You probably have your heart set on a bit of dessert later in the week. Just breaking a little sweat will do. Just be sure to have fun with it! Don’t do anything you won’t give your all. If you enjoy dancing, why waste your time trying any other form of cardio? If you hate cardio, then join the club and don’t do it. After all, we’re foodies, we enjoy eating and not always for the purpose of excelling through a workout.


Binge Watch A Show on Netflix

Orange is the New Black, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.

Once upon a time, I was hooked into watching every episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” and over the span of two weeks, I quit watching. Not because I couldn’t finish, but just because of who I am as a person; impatient.

Moral of the Sentence: Don’t be like me. Take a weekend; binge watch every season and every episode, wait for the new season and repeat with a new show. Now is the time, and you have an excuse.


Finish That Book

You’re not fooling anyone, every one of your friends on your Good Reads app knows you’re only 20% of the way through reading (insert random good book), and you’ve sat on this book for two months. You’re robbing yourself of an experience! Why do you do this? Sit down, relax and be exported to another place as the rain trickles down your window.


When’s the Last Time You Had A Spa Day?  

Take a warm shower, tie your hair up, paint on your best facial mask (beauty product hoarders, hello!), forget the world for 10 minutes, wash it off and follow up with a cat nap. Congratulations, you’re inner self now likes you a little bit more, and your outer-self looks darn good.


Let  me know in the comments how you spend your day on the inside.

Asiah G.

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