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When the Food Finally Arrives (ft. Your Favorite 90’s TV Shows)

March 21, 2018

Imagine this:

You and a couple of old friends go out to eat on a Saturday night.

Your waiter is on another planet; Tom is his name.

As a result he begins a cringe-worthy performance of forced hospitality starting with a halfhearted ” Hello, my name is Tom. I’ll be taking care you tonight”, translating to “Hello, my name is Tom. I’ll be ignoring you most of the night”.

After waiting for 15 minutes for drink orders and spending another 10 minutes flagging down your waiter for food orders.

Seems like you’re in for another 45 minute wait.

And guess what?

You were.

You watch as Tom and an equally unenthused waiter work their way through a sea of tables, with your food!

You’re famished and extremely irritated. From a mile away you can see it coming, you can smell it coming; you even start to taste it.

As upset as you are, on the inside you’re feeling something like this:

Click on the pictures below for reactions you might have as told by your favorite 90’s TV Shows



Asiah G.

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