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Don’t Get It Twisted, Miracle Whip Is Not Mayonnaise

August 10, 2018

Say it with me: “Miracle whip is dressing, not mayonnaise”, according to Kraft. 


If this is catching you by surprise, we’re on the same playing field.

I knew the beloved Miracle Whip from when my grandpa used to fry up bologna sandwiches in South Carolina for a late night snack or as the magic ingredient in my Aunt’s potato salad.

For the first time, during a google search of Miracle Whip, I noticed on a picture of a jar it actually said “DRESSING”… What!?

I know, right?

I always thought of it as a tangier, more heavily seasoned version of mayonnaise and definitely more of a spread.

Many of the ingredients are comparable, as they are both made creamy and thick through an emulsion and the color is an off-white like most mayonnaise on store shelves.

So what makes the look-like mayonnaise, not mayonnaise?

The FDA requires a certain percentage of vegetable oil in order to call the condiment mayonnaise; I’m talking more than 65 % and the oil content in Miracle Whip doesn’t make the cut.

So though it may look and smell like mayonnaise, it’s NOT mayonnaise. At least, partly.

In 1933 it was originally advertised as “Salad Miracles with Miracle Whip Salad Dressing” at the Chicago World Fair.

The ingredient list even starts out with “mayonnaise-like” ingredients, possibly attributed to inventor Charles Chapman’s emulsifying machine mixing regular mayonnaise into an even blend with over 20 spices and cheaper dressings.

And just like that Miracle Whip was born and loved by all.

That’s the story folks, but don’t let just deter you from enjoying the creamy condiment in any manner you please.

Most people don’t use it in salad-dressing-appropriate recipes anyway…

The proof is in the pudding if you want to have your Miracle Whip in more ways than one…

See below from the newly official Miracle Whip Instagram if you want to get a bit more tangier.. or just use it in place of mayonnaise like most people.






Easy decision to make for chicken and miracle whip, the two sort of just go together.


The level of tanginess is SUPER tangy on vanilla ice cream.

Asiah G.

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