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How to Avoid Choking On Popeye’s Biscuits (Bite-Size Read)

August 15, 2018

It is no secret that Popeye’s biscuits are some of the thickest around and have been clogging the airways of unsuspecting patrons for years.


But they’re as delicious as they are buttery, and no one can deny this simple fact and NO ONE can resist the goodness and warmth of a Popeye’s biscuit.


It’s practically JOKES, with people posting “Popeyes Biscuit Challenge” on Youtube where adventurous souls fail miserably at eating 10 biscuits without a drink; a pretty dangerous feat.


Going off script: I can hardly manage more than two, without drinking at least half a cup of water, so eating 10 with no drink is beyond me.


And let’s not forget the tons of memes and videos circulating the web mimicking the choking nature of the biscuit by way of people in already unfortunate circumstances.


As true as it is funny, things can get serious and go from “LOL” to “WTF” in a matter of seconds.


It’s best not to go into things unprepared, so read below for how to have your chicken and enjoy your biscuit too.


Take Smaller Bites

If you go in wide, you’re going to get a mouth full of dough rolled into a ball at the top of your mouth. Start with small bites.


Drink with the Biscuit


If you’re going in for Round 2 especially, you want to lubricate that biscuit. It’s like taking a pill with water, except in reverse. You want to put the biscuit in and drink a little liquid behind it to immediately break it up.


Use a LOT of Butter & Little Bit of Honey


With those small bites, take a little bit of honey too it and a whole chunk of butter. Honey=lubrication and butter will help it glide down and taste more delicious.


Eat the Chicken in Between Bites of Biscuit


Chicken. Biscuit. Chicken. Biscuit… just not together, even though it’s delicious.

How I picture this working: the biscuit dough adheres to the fried chicken coating and catches a ride down (like an uber of sorts).

Therefore, making it impossible to take a pit stop at the roof of your mouth, or in those little crevices in the back of your mouth, you have to finger later to get the dough out.

Chew Very Fast


Don’t let that biscuit get all the saliva, you have to get it in and get it down (swallowed). The more time you give it to sit, the more saliva it collects creating a dry cotton mouth feel.


You’ve been warned. 



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