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Eyeing the Revolutionary Hestan Cue? 7 Practical Questions You Should Answer Before Buying

October 31, 2018

Deep down we all want to retaliate against our given right to spend more money eating out while dining less at home.

Then life turns into a vortex of responsibilities and deeply rooted routines: avoiding Sallie Mae calls, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an 8-5,  choosing between paying bills or going broke on your own terms.

When does learning to cook for yourself get on the mainline?

Thankfully, modern technology has provided a luxurious remedy in one of Oprah’s Favorite Things, the Hestan Cue, and not in the way you may think.

Back in September at Feast Portland’s Friday Grand Tasting, I  discovered this powerful, intuitive tech in the midst of all the wine.

Surrounded by a  mini mosh pit of prying eyes and a few culinary assistants at the helm was a line up of a few cooking stations.

For each station, there was an iPad, an induction burner, corresponding pan, and a clear squeeze bottle full of batter.

A middle-aged woman donning thin-rimmed glasses with strawberry-stained cheeks,  a cherubic face, and pale blond hair swept into a messy ponytail, greeted us & motioned for me to dispense the crepe batter into the heated pan.

“See, you just follow the steps here,” she stated in response to my perplexed expression,  pointing to the screen on the iPad.
“Just like this, right?” I stalled and glanced at her for reassurance.

She gestured for me again to watch what was playing on the iPad: a snippet of a trained chef demonstrating the dispensing motion.

Once I got the batter in and around the pan, I  veered my attention to the iPad to watch for the next step, which directed I flip the crepe now.

And in less than 30 seconds a perfect crepe slid out of the pan.

As I videoed my boyfriend’s turn, two things caught on: the Hestan Cue was a smart induction top controlling two crucial variables: time and temperature.

Fascinated enough, I logged the experience into my phone, grabbed the 40% off promotion card, storing Hestan Cue in my memory bank.

But when I thought of the Hestan Cue again the last day to use the 40% off promotion card was approaching and I still had questions to answer, like:


1. What’s the price and what do I get for it? 

$299 with the 40% off Feast Portland Promotion code, but regularly $499 for the smart, compact, and minimalist designed induction burner and an 11′ inch long lasting tri-ply stainless steel pan to start cooking with Hestan Cue’s app filled with tons of recipes.

Additionally–because details are important– a 1-year warranty, free shipping and a 101 Risk-Free Trial.

An added bonus, Hestan Cue has a loyal community you can subscribe too to see how other people are cooking and to troubleshoot.

2. What makes the Hestan Cue special in comparison to other induction burners? 

The Hestan Cue isn’t anything like your average induction cooktop and pushes the agenda for a more technologically advanced home.

The tri-ply stainless pan comes with an embedded Bluetooth capsule pairing with the Cue app and the induction burner.

Every recipe is paired with guided videos featuring accomplished chefs walking you through every step hand-in-hand from prep to garnishing, all while the cooktop adjusts the temperature along the way.

To own a Hestan Cue Induction Cooktop is to have a personal cooking instructor and assistant that never lets you cook another piece of chicken breast into a hairbrush.

It’s carefree and empowering, you’re family will wonder how you were able to produce such flawless results.

You’ll be the envy of all your foodie friends when you pop a picture on Instagram.

A theory I plan to thoroughly test.

3. Will I be restricted to only cooking the recipes in the App?


This would be a deal breaker for most, and for me.

Hestan Cue offers a Control Mode where users can take the baton out of the system’s hand and set their own precise temp.

There is also a feature within the app where you can mix-and-match proteins and sauces for changing things up throughout the week.


4. Is this thing just going to collect dust or will I use it regularly? 

If, for example, you cook eggs every morning for breakfast or like to sear a fillet of salmon for a quick weeknight meal, rest assured you’ll be using the Hestan Cue as you’re go-to for every cooking step calling for a skillet.

As I mentioned prior, the control mode allows regular use of the skillet and can be used in place of a stove and other pans.

Even if you DON’T cook, Hestan Cue will make you into one, eliminating every excuse you would have NOT to cook:

Do you hate cooking, but have a strong desire to stop ordering Uber Eats or have frozen chicken strips every day for dinner? 

The app holds a  large handful of beginner recipes meant for single people, and uncomplicated enough where a large chunk of your time isn’t required upfront.

All you have to do is, the fun part, pick a recipe and grab all the ingredients.


Do you become frazzled when you’re cooking a chicken thigh in a pan oil and the smoke starts rising? 

You likely never have an episode like this, since Huestan Cue has been shown to adjust the temperature as you cook.

So when I stalled on flipping my crepe, the smart system communicated to the pan to wait a few seconds.

Instead, Hestan adjusted the temp as not to burn it while I was twiddling my thumbs.


Don’t know how to cook anything? 

Hestan Cue shows you how to cook everything.

And when you’re ready to for a solo flight, just use the control mode to set the pan to any temp for your recipe.


5. How will it enhance my cooking experience? 

The Hestan Cue connects with Sous Vide, another smart appliance I own, to deliver perfect results from sous vide to sear.

As a stand-alone, it is worthy of gracing countertops solely for the student-teacher aspect embedded in all of the demonstration videos for every recipe.

Cooking with the Hestan Cue is a 3-in-1 deal.

You’re getting a Masterclass on new techniques (see video below), how to cook all while experiencing the gratification of eating a delicious meal you prepared.




6. Would I cook any of the recipes? 

Though I can appreciate control mode, cooking alongside the pro’s in a teacher-student format was Hestan Cue’s most impressive feature.

And the recipes are FAR from boring.

Hestan Cue didn’t employ a team of people off the street to throw recipes at the wall to see what sticks, each recipe is thoughtfully crafted by a gifted chef with various expertise.

Sift through the app and discover Hestan Cue offers a plethora of recipes like stuffed french toast, cauliflower schnitzel, chicken goulash and so much more.

The app also organizes the recipe by:




– Dietary Restriction

– Main Ingredient

– Mood (including Romantic, Dinner Party, and Cocktail Party)  and Season.

– Collaborations

– ChefSteps

– Unsurprisingly, Bon Appetit’s Feast Portland.

Please note, not all recipes are suitable for cooking in the pan.

There is a fair share of recipes–family-sized–that request Hestan Cue’s Chef Pot, costing around an additional $299.



7. How will having this new technology fit into my busy lifestyle? 

I don’t have as much time to cook as I would like.

When I bought the Hestan Cue I want to trust the system to minimize the workload.

The Hestan Cue’s mantra isn’t that they’ll give you a quick meal,  but that they’ll give you perfect results guaranteed every time.

With the guidance in the app, a worry-free experience takes the place of a hair-pulling, brain-aching one.

There aren’t any little bumps in roads like stopping to check the ingredient list, adjusting the time, temperature or stopping midway to check the recipe for the next step; the process is seamless.

You don’t have to think about it.

So even if you’re in the kitchen a little longer than you would like, not having any hiccups makes time fly by like leaves in a gush of wind.

Something you can look forward to everyday.


If you plan on purchasing this technology, please let me know in the comments some of the questions you’ve asked and stay tuned for a full review of cooking with the Hestan Cue.

Time to Put the Hestan Cue to the Test!



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