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The Most Delicious Thing About Eating a Cookie, No One Talks About

March 10, 2019

Be it chocolate chip, ginger snaps,  double chocolate, sugar or M&M’s, historically,  a cookie has been known to make even the darkest days brighter with its undeniable charm and delicateness.

So I know what you’re thinking: the best part about eating a cookie is about biting into the chewy, gooeyness and perhaps, the visual tearing apart to reveal a center full of rich, sugary deliciousness.




And lest we forget — the AROMA! All thanks to the Maillard reaction or you can call it  “the flavor reaction,” or more commonly,” the browning reaction”.

In non-science terms, this means your food becomes more aesthetically appealing to the eye and slap-your-momma tasty to the tastebuds.

It’s the difference between boiled potatoes and potatoes roasted in a 425 degree oven for 1 hr to golden, crispy perfection.

And in cookies, it’s the difference between sticky, dense cookie dough and crispy, but slightly chewy cookies being pulled hot out the oven.


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And you could argue there’s almost nothing as recognizable as the sweet, nutty aroma, wafting into your nostrils; it’s the first thing anyone notices walking into a bakeshop.

And the second?

When you take a bite, that crispy exterior encircling that hot, molten center is the best.

Okay, most people don’t pay attention to this, but this is where the money is; and where your respect should be.

Those outer edges take the brunt of the heat, and– thanks a little longer cook time– turn out to be the most satisfying to eat.

And clearly, I have a preference.

I couldn’t stop grazing around the crispy edges of my long-drive-after-work treat, a double chocolate cookie.

I’m getting sweet and I’m getting just shy of burnt, but I had no complaints.

You could say I was in total bliss driving home, bumping my Pandora playlist.

And then… just like after my binge-watching the stalker-drama “You” on Netflix, it was over and I wondered what to do next.

Should I finish what’s left, or should I toss the rest of the cookie into my armrest bunker?

I finished it of course, but not without washing it down with a bottle of water.

Herein lies the real argument; those nearly-burnt edges add a complexity that quiets the sweetness of a cookie that can be cloying at times or within some cookies or with too many cookies.

So I’m not saying what was left of the cookie was a total waste, but I am saying I would’ve like to perform a time-lapse to have those edges over and over again.

I’d say those edges hold onto a little bit more punch and make things a little more interesting.

So what do you think the best part of a cookie is? Do you think it is the delicate chewiness or the crispy edges?



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