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Don’t Waste Your EVOO: Introducing the Fancy AF Dispensers Under $20 That Won’t Drown Your Food

November 2, 2020

When I moved into my apartment, one of the first essential grocery items I bought was a 32 ML container of olive oil; if anything, I couldn’t have a complete shiny kitchen without it.

It’s the foundational building block to all my cooking needs. The domino that knocks over all the other dominos.

The container of Mediterranean olive oil from Wholefoods cost me around twenty bucks.

I tossed chicken wings and folded garlic-seasoned potatoes in loads of olive oil (Gordon Ramsay would be proud); made vinaigrettes; and infused it with rosemary and other stalky herbs.

But every time I tipped the container over, I was met with one nagging task; the task of using a napkin to wipe up the excess streaming down the side.

Annoying, much?

There was my little money, pooling around the bottom of the container — it didn’t matter if it was cents or dollars.

After a while, using the oil felt wasteful, like a Saturday car wash during a torrential downpour.

I’m no stickler for saving pennies on the dollar.

But, chances are the four months could’ve stretched longer, and I could’ve saved paper towels too.

I needed a better solution, and some solutions save the day in two’s!

A life spent cooking couldn’t be better with this pair of uber fancy, modern olive oil dispensers from FineDine on Amazon.

And I know there are thousands of these dispensers on Amazon alone.

Even Rachel Ray has made one part of her cooking line, but it looks like a standing seal, and do you really want a seal on your dinner table and in your kitchen!?

No, you don’t.

You want to look cool, with a dash of fine dining: like an olive oil dispenser with pristine clear Borosilicate lead-free glass, ergonomic construction that looks similar to what top chefs depend on in their home kitchens.

Exhibit A.

Just a touch of olive oil“- Gordon Ramsay

You want control and minimal fussiness: Look no further, this olive oil dispenser is set apart with:

  • A wide mouth for easy oil transferring
  • A gorilla-grip of a bottom to avoid any sliding
  • Marked measuring to keep an eye on how much oil you’re using
  • A spice filter, so you can make an infused oil or vinegar concoction without clogging the spout with remnants.
  • And my favorite feature: a sleek, slow pour spout that has just the right amount of drizzle.

Make it BPA-free too, with a touch of stainless steel for added aesthetics:

Why BPA-free matters?

BPA — also referred to as Bisphenol-A — is considered to be a “synthetic estrogen” formulated to be a plastic hardener that has been shown to seep out in food containers when blasted in the microwave.

That’s the short answer: either way, no bueno.

Welcome to Value City Central: $16.99 for two 500 ML olive oil dispensers is a record deal; even better is I caught a lightning deal, paying only $12.

Even if you’re not going to purchase it for yourself, oil dispensers make for a great gift idea under $20, because, well, everyone uses oil in their cooking.

Asiah G.

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